Soluster Added Value Professional Services for you

Experimented consultants and strong methodology are the foundations of Soluster’s professional services.

Organization and Methods

Governance best practices and organization specific process and KPI definition

Soluster helps organisations to improve their performance. Our consultants will provide you with the necessary methodologies to implement strategic plans, and manage project or product portfolios. Our consultants work with key stakeholders to address opportunities and challenges, identify options and design a pragmatic approach. 

Because of their exposure and relationships with many organisations, our consultants are familiar with the “best practices” of the sector, as well as different methodologies such as APQP, Stage Gate, Prince 2, PMI, SAFe, Agile, Strategic Planning and many more.

Solution Blueprint

Requirements, Solution Design & Validation

We are experts in translating business needs into digital strategy and technology solutions.

Soluster provides consultants to help you produce a comprehensive needs analysis document by using proven techniques. We will facilitate workshops that are focused on collecting user requirements, developing process maps and producing the necessary supporting data model. These three elements can then be used to select the best solution for your organization.

As we follow the project lifecycle from start to finish, we ensure that business objectives are taken into account at every stage. We facilitate development by providing a vital business context for the technical team and involving end-users during the design process.

Solution Finding

Browse the MarketPlace jungle and find the best way to go for your organization

Soluster can assist you in choosing the solutions best suited to your organisation’s needs.

We have the technical and business knowledge to help our clients make the right technical and functional choices – targeting the right data architecture, applications and tools. Whether it’s choosing a solution for projects or product portfolio management, strategic execution, financial or enterprise resource management, the right SaaS tools or infrastructure partners, we advise and assist our clients in the choice of suppliers.

As your requirements and needs change over time, we are here to help you over the long term.

Solution Implementation

We help you to configure, integrate & roll-out solutions to reduce implementation costs and time

Our goal at Soluster is to help our customers get the benefits of their solutions in record time.

Our implementation services are tailored to each customer’s internal and external resources. These services are based on the best practices and expertise we have gained from hundreds of successful implementations for our clients.

We have a structured approach to help you implement your new strategy, project or product portfolio management tool. We will guide you to success and bring you a faster return on investment. We also offer a clear roadmap, ensure stakeholder involvement and end user commitment.

Solution Integration and Support

Focus on your business, we ensure that your solutions works and supports your organization changes

From basic technical support to extended and customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we can provide you with the exact level of support you need.

Legacy or proprietary systems need to be interfaced with PPM and Agile strategy execution tools. At Soluster, we know that systems integration is a key function.

To improve performance, organizations cannot afford to use disconnected systems to achieve their business goals, even when leveraging cloud technology.

Soluster provides a suite of standard integration tools that are tailored to your business and needs to support any type of technology or solution you choose around the portfolio management solution.

Digital Transformation

Help you to re-invent and digitalize all your business processes to improve governance and efficiency

The Soluster team, made up of digital transformation consultants and industry experts, provides clients with tailor-made strategic research and analysis to help them identify, prioritise and act on new growth opportunities.

Digitalisation is no longer an option. It is a necessity for companies that want to remain competitive. However, it is not enough to  “digitalise” processes or transform IT systems – it is much more a question of radically rethinking models.

Our pragmatic approach combines business and technology expertise and accelerates the transition from idea to implementation. This will help you increase the efficiency, agility and flexibility of the value chain.