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Triskell SEM

Configurable Strategy Execution Solution

Where Strategy meets Execution
Because Triskell is so flexible, simple and comprehensive, it can support the complete strategy execution cycle. No matter how you define your company goals or strategic planning, Triskell will support the entire process.

Align Portfolios and Strategy
Capture and align objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios across the entire enterprise to get your business challenges under control and ensure results.
Integrate product delivery, portfolio management, strategic planning and execution to increase your company’s performance, deliver on time, within budget, and with the expected quality.

Triskell Agile & Bi-Modal PPM

Configurable AGILE & Bi-Modal PPM Solution

Most companies are not 100% agile, whether it is by necessity or by choice, because agile principles can genre,ally only be achieved in certain areas of the company. Whatever the case may be, transforming into an agile organization cannot be done overnight. In most cases, the two approaches must coexist or even be associated to meet the company’s needs.
Triskell’s Hybrid Bi-Modal PPM portfolio management combines the best of both approaches. The most common organizational mode is often one where the traditional process model forms the organizational framework, and product development follows agile principles. In this environment the products and related development cycles are managed in agile mode, and other activities in project mode (waterfall). This does not prevent the use of “Agile” tools, such as Kanbans, for instance, to manage the proper execution of these projects..

Triskell SaaS Platform

SaaS Configurable Platform to Digitize all your Processes without coding

Get the solution you need and deserve to manage and digitize all your processes.  The Triskell Platform allows you to create your own business process management system and applications. This will allow you to manage and control all your portfolios. You will be able to modify, extend and adapt the functional coverage of our predefined solutions to perfectly match your needs.

Easy to use for quick implementation and a faster return on investment. Happy employees are productive employees. Triskell provides employees with the exact solution they are looking for, with an easy-to-use and consistent user interface. Break the habit of emails and spreadsheets and feel the flow of managed data in a transparent way. Make your team more productive.


Streamline Project Executing and Collaboration in GSuite, Office 365 and MS-Team

ProjExec is a modern Enterprise Project Management solution that helps organize social collaboration around business priorities, ensuring real-time coordination and visibility on resources, projects, programs, initiatives and the enterprise strategic plan. The ProjExec Social Gantt and new Social Kanban option make tracking and coordinating programs with multiple projects a breeze. Waterfall and Agile projects can now coexist with consolidated reporting under one enterprise solution. ProjExec Live is the multi-platform cloud service that supports HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections until July 16, 2020), Microsoft Office 365/Teams (new) and Google GSuite (coming soon).


Simplifies access to the information and navigation on your Data Lake

Organizations have to deal with multiple data sources these days. Employees are faced with a variety of storages and they find it is difficult to locate and collect what is needed to better understand the information.

Our platform allows end-users to easily explore complex, BigData-like environments. MOSAIK helps them to access significant information and understand its context, whilst providing semantic rendering.