IT Governance and Data management,
Strategy Execution, PPM,

When knowledge and information management
supports strategy execution to achieve your goals.

In today world, organization are facing two main IT challenges, IT Governance and Data Management.

It is all about Managing Projects and Datas.

Enterprise Data Management

Solution to manage structured and non-structured information

SEM PPM PMO Management

From company Strategy to Project Execution

At the digital age, managing your structured and unstructured data is a strategic issue:

Do you qualify your data before saving it?
 Do you have a formalized classify method?
 Can you manage their confidentiality levels?
 Do you have quick and easy access to archived data?
 Does your unstructured data conform to the GPDR?
 Do you know how to use your unstructured data and manage your Data Lakes?

If you answer 'No' to one or more of these questions, you need to know more about our "Soluster - Data Governance ! ".

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Soluster Data Governance


Soluster – SEM PPM PMO Management


To achieve your objectives, you must now control and Govern in real time all of your project or other portfolios and the:

Do you know how to formalize and execute your strategic plans?
Do you have a synthetic vision of all your project portfolios or others?
 Do you know how they interact with each other?
Do you quickly have the strategic data you need to arbitrate?
Do you know how they contribute to achieving your goals?

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, you need to know more about our "Soluster - SEM PPM PMO Mangement" offer.

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