Our Philosophy

A global vision and a skilled approach is important to us.

Here at Soluster our main objective is to assist companies in improving their processes and governance along the entire value creation chain.  We help our clients define and improve their business processes and to choose and implement the right tools to do so.  We offer software solutions to help them support and effectively put into practice the company processes particular to their line of business.

The Soluster team brings together expertise in the fields of marketing & product development, customer service & support, governance and change management.  These skills allow us to offer our clients comprehensive action plans incorporating sales, marketing, development, customer service & support, organisation…..

Implementing the right tools for you is important to us

Soluster works with companies across many different sectors, helping them to define and modernise their processes.

We provide credible, unique and pragmatic approaches to help take your business further.  We don’t aim to find the best solution on the market, but rather we endeavour to find and implement the right solution for you and your company.

Our vision is to promote the importance of integrating processes through the use of the best software solutions available.  We aim to define, support and improve processes  and implement them using the most appropriate tools.

Working together in partnership with you is important to us

Partnership working is the way we approach and carry out every assignment and is the essence of our company philosophy.  A partnership where the skills of everyone involved are combined to encourage teamwork, combining the external experiences and objectivity of our staff with the internal knowledge and understanding of you and your employees.

We understand just how important client involvement is in identifying problems and establishing the most appropriate course of action, not only to ensure successful engagement and creative solutions, but above all to ensure sound and sustainable outcomes.  Without effective client participation, you can not have buy-in to a solution.  Without bu y-in you can not have success during the process of change management.

The finer details are important to us

Every company is different.  With each unique characteristic, a company brings something different in terms of added value.  The distinctive nature of what you offer is what makes you stand out to your customers, and the very reason for which they choose and put their trust in you.  Ultimately, you create value for them.

We feel there is a lot of truth in the expression «The devil is in the details ».  In order to successfully implement your business plan, keeping your objective clearly in mind, as part of the bigger picture, is paramount, while at the same time taking into account all the details.

Here at Soluster, details are very important to us and we consider them very carefully, saving you both the time and effort.

People are important to us

We are well aware that, in any company, uncertainty is the biggest barrier to change.  This fear is not a good thing, neither for a company or its team members.

Here at Soluster we ensure we take the ‘people’ element into consideration.  This is particularly important when guiding employees and organisations towards their common goal (change management), or within project frameworks where considerable coordination is required.  Our role is as a facilitator for those times when you don’t have the time or the know-how to confront opposition and tensions across your teams.

Results are important to us

Here at Soluster, ‘Making it happen’ is one of our mottoes.  Our expertise, commitment and energy are based on results,  the key to our client’s satisfaction.

How do we evaluate the success of a project?  We measure its progress through precise and shared indicators, from the moment it starts through to its conclusion.