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Data Management Challenge

Beauty Products Multinational Corp.

The client is a world leader in the ethical and responsible delivery of beauty products.

The challenge the had recognized deals with the essential role information plays in realizing their mission. To ensure success in a very competitive market, information must be available wherever and whenever it is needed and provided in a secure, organized manner.

To achieve these goals, the client has developed a Data Retention Policy (DRP) and a Data Classification Policy (DCP), which had to be deployed and enforced across the organization to 60,000 users in 120 countries. Importantly, they recognized that the manual governance of compliance for these policies is not a sustainable approach.

The C3 Enterprise Suite was chosen to manage and enforce the client’s DRP and DCP throughout the organization.

Clic here to discover how C3 enabled the client to achieve an organization-wide adoption of data retention and classification policies and how C3 enforces the retention and classification policies by automating the selection of values from the DRP and DCP, while improving the discoverability and organization of information for all employees.

As part of the digital transition, Gatineau’s Records and Archives Management Section has opted for decentralized management of active records and centralized storage for semi-active records and archives.

The department chose to equip itself with an electronic document management system and Cogniva’s C3 software suite.

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