Soluster helps you to optimize and add value to your Genius Project Investment. It is a must-have for Genius Customers.

Soluster Report Library for Genius Project

Full set of Pre-Defined Reports for Genius Project

Soluster Kanban – Task Board for Genius Project

Work in Agile and Scrum Mode within Genius Project with Soluster add-ons

Soluster Integration Solution for Genius Project

Business accelerator

Integrate Genius Project with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesfores and other to Better Support Your Processes

Soluster Advanced Support for Genius Project

Our Implementation, Support and Customization Services, Takes You Where You Want to Go

Soluster Reports Library for Genius Project

Reports for Genius Project like you’ve never seen Before

Full set of Pre-Defined Reports for Genius Project

Clear and synthetic reports, including easy-to-read charts, are based on 15 years’ experience with Genius Project. Easy-to-install and fully integrated with Genius Project, these reports will add more value for you as the user. The library includes:

– Project Status Report
– S-Curve (Budget, Progress, …)
– Burndown
– Phase Report
– Risk Summary Report
– Etc…
– And any Specific Report you may need!

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Agile and Scrum in Genius Project – We make it happens with Soluster’s Agile Kanban for Genius Project

Kanban Task Board

The Kanban Taskboard gives you an excellent overview of your current work situation. Visualizing work in a team environment simplifies communication and leads to improved effectiveness.

Fast & intuitive UI

Get things done, quickly and effectively. It takes less than 2 minutes to learn how to use KanbanFlow. The user interface is built for speed and with no frustrating loading times.

Support Scrum Methodology

With Soluster’s scrum kit for Genius Proejct, you can manage Products, Versions and Sprints in an extremely easy way. During a sprint, teams will be able to use  Kanban Task Boards and Burndown Charts.

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Soluster Kanban – Task Board for Genius Project

Work Agile & Scrum in Genius Project

Soluster Solution Integration

Solution Integration

The Genius Project is integrated smoothly with any other Software Application

First Class Integration for Genius Project. Makes Genius Project talk to Microsoft-Dynamics, SAP, Salesforces, or any others….

Cloud-based and in-house software integration

Software applications that work together in order to ensure processes run smoothly and that your company performs effectively. Soluster ensures your software systems work together in perfect harmony.

Go one step further by connecting your company processes across Genius Project and other software

Thanks to our specialized knowledge of current market tools and Genius Project, we can help transform your various tools into an effective information system, avoiding duplicate data capturing. Your company can be assured of coherent access to your data, whether it be hosted on a Cloud computing platform, or in-house.

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We know every single Details about Genius Project-We Create it!

Genius Project Implementation Service

Our Team of Consultants have deployed more than 100 Genius Project Customers during the last decade, from medium business to Fortune 500 Companies.

Genius Project support and SLA

Our team of Consultants, Developers, and Administrators are composed of the people who created and invented Genius Project, so they are more than able to manage your Genius Project from A to Z.

Add Value to Genius Project

Do you need an Add-on Software Integration for a special report, just talk to us. If there is a solution, we definitely have it!

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