Soluster - European Centre of Excellence for ProjExec

Social Project Management

Project Management Made Social – Planning is not enough! Empower your project teams with powerful social collaboration tools to achieve common goals.

We wholeheartedly believe that project management has social values at its very core.  Soluster is the European Centre of Excellence for ProjExec.  ProjExec is a social project management software application for IBM connections.


Social Gantt
Project Management for IBM connections.

Soluster has chosen Mulesoft to ensure the best possible process integration across different tools.

Application and data integration via Cloud and other sites.

When things are connected, anything is possible.  The AnyPoint ™ platform is changing the way businesses connect applications and data.AnyPoint ™  is an integrated and cohesive platform.  Flexible enough to resolve the most complex connectivity issues across SOAs, Cloud and APIs. Find out more….

Connect Anything. Change Everything.

Soluster helps you to stay close to your customer, delivering the best possible support, using Zendesk.

Zendesk brings companies and their customers closer together it starts with software for better customer service.

Zendesk makes it easy to support customers when they need your help. Zendesk also makes it easy for them to help themselves when they don’t.


Soluster - The partner of Triskell Software in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Governance and PMO for EPM and PPM

Triskell provides solutions to manage different Business portfolios. From the Department of Finance to Marketing, through IT, R&D, etc. Triskell enables to handle the complexity of organizations with their specific management requirements.

It has taken more than twenty years work to devise, develop, configure, implement and support clients with Project Portfolio Management systems (PPM) across the globe.  During this time one thing has become clear : there is no one-size fits all model !

Triskell – offering you creative solutions whatever line of business you may be in.

Governance and portfolio project management through web-based software (SaaS).

Soluster helps you boost sales, marketing and customer relations using Sugar CRM.

Helping you develop and maintain excellent client relationships.

How do you manage customer relations ?  Sugar CRM puts individuals at the heart of customer relations management, allowing direct contact with clients.  A sure way to create great relationships with your clientèle.

The acclaimed CRM software – used by millions across the globe.