Company integration – Business process continuity, a sure way to add value to your business.

The key to process organisation : efficient tool management

High performance but unconnected tools.

SMBs and new businesses often don’t have the means to invest in complex software management systems.  More often than not they opt for simple yet recognised solutions for their particular line of business, using different software companies or more frequently SaaS platforms.

A lack of integration is a dead loss for an organisation.

An absence or lack of tool interconnectivity often causes inefficiency when it comes to carrying out and monitoring processes within a company.

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Different tools to provide consistent support to your strategy.

The simple act of integrating tools between different departments can not only increase productivity, but also save  time.

Thanks to our specialised knowledge of current market tools and the applications which run alongside them, we can help transform your various tools into an effective information system, avoiding duplicate data capturing.  Your company can be assured of coherent access to your data, whether it be hosted on a Cloud computing platform, or in-house.

Cloud-based and in-house software integration.
Soluster ensures your software systems work together in harmony.

Break down those barriers : Integrate processes between and within companies.

Go one step further by connecting your company processes across different software programmes.

Most businesses today utilise a vast array of different information tools, and are often faced with the challenge of trying to share data and findings across different applications, such as databases and operating systems.  They may also have to share such information across different geographical zones.  Given the unique nature of different industries, companies will, at some point, find themselves looking for ways to :

  • Integrate commercial data across different sites, and centrally consolidate financial results from different units and departments.

  • Provide customer service operations with real time client information at your fingertips – for example, call logs, problem resolution, order processing, and much much more.

  • Automate order processing and link product information, stock control, credit approvals, client terms and conditions…..

  • Meet the requirements of other supply chain companies by being able to directly  and automatically exchange data between software applications.

  • Improve the effectiveness and performance of your company through the use of BPM methods (Business Process Management).

Case Study

Relacom, a Swedish telecommunications company, chose a SaaS distribution model (Genius Project) for their project management needs.
The challenge was to integrate the SAAS PPM solution with MS Dynamics, their “on premise” ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.
As both the PPM solution and the ERP were involved in the customer delivery process, a perfect synchronization between the systems was a must. As a result, an event driven, two way integration was designed and successfully implemented in a 3 month period. The integration involved key business objects like Teams, Projects, Activities, Orders and Milestones.

Telecommunication company

Business accelerator

Soluster succeeded in integration internal ERP with SaaS Project Management Solution