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Optimise your business processes.

Do you know how to best control your processes ?

How to make them work together ?

How to ensure your IT tools all link up to best support you ?

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A great idea, a good product - its not enough !

Many SMBs and start-up companies focus on research & development and production, yet often fail to take into account, or realise the importance of, sales, marketing, service and support strategies.  More often than not these elements are not integrated into the business processes or tools.

We can help you do this in a practical and efficient manner.

  • Marketing & Sales strategies.

  • R&D organisation.

  • Customer and service support.

Soluster – Smart Business

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A coherent A to Z strategy to boost your success.

What’s the missing piece of the jigsaw ?

Very often one or more links in the global value creation chain process is either missing or non-existent, especially amongst new and start-up businesses.

Let us get involved in the entire value creation chain and help you to:

  • Define and tweak your sales, marketing and product strategies.

  • Optimise your processes, from the development stages right through to delivery.

Improve the effectiveness of your customer service while keeping costs to a minimum.

A structured process for quick implementation.

Smart Business Check, a proven formula for success.

  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

  • Masterplan – the way forward.

  • Plan of Action

  • Definition and review of processes.

  • Implementation of processes and tools.

  • Selection and choice of tools.

  • Integration of processes and tools.

  • Follow-up.

Choosing the right tools to support and implement your strategy.

Selecting the right tools for you.

We will help you fine tune your strategy, select your processes and subsequently assist you in:

  • Choosing the right tools.

  • Configuring them and reconfiguring them where necessary.

  • Connecting them together.

  • Driving forward change.

IT tools to support your processes and your chosen business path.

Case Study

Mainstream case study :

Software publishing company, focussed on their product, its functionality and new integrated technologies.

A group of high-performing experts, specialising in technologies and product development, yet month after month, year after year, the anticipated profit levels were not realised.  After an in-depth analysis with the company executives, our team of experts reviewed and suggested changes to the company’s product positioning, sales and marketing strategies.  Twelve months later sales had increased by more than 50%.

Software publisher