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GDPR and ‘Unstructured data’, are you compliant?

“80% of the company’s data are ‘unstructured’ and growing at 200% per year”.

The new GPDR obligations, the compliance requirements concern:

Any data directly identified: personal data, personal details, age, civil status, any data entered in a form by an authenticated person, profiling information….
 Or even indirectly identifiable data: data linked to an identifier or pseudonym linked to an account identified by name in a third-party system, combination of information that makes it possible to identify an individual even without his name (ex: address + age + profession), photos in which the subject appears….

Turning these obligations into opportunities:

Comply with regulatory obligations,
Improve your information assets,
How? By an analysis of the unstructured contents of the company (documents, emails…),
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The C3 solution offers several methods for identifying personal data and allows you to automate your GPDR management process.

A first possibility is to identify the Type of documents :

The C3 solution automatically recognizes the type of document and applies your GPDR management rules. For example, an employment contract, a customer contract, etc., by nature, they contain personal data. C3 then automatically applies the planned classification rules, adds meta-data, tags and conservation rules defined according to your GPDR repository.

Another possibility uses character string recognition :

The regular expression recognition functions allow you to define recognition rules in your files, documents, strings of characters that you want to be identified such as: civility, telephone number, social security number, registration number,… or any personal information, profession, sex, age, place of residence,…

The rules on classification, storage and identification relating to the management of GPDR Personal Data are apply, depending on your internal policy

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