Align Company Strategy and Project Execution
across multiple portfolios.

PPM To Server Strategy.

Triskell Software: Where Project Portfolio Management meets Strategic Planning to gain visibility and productivity

The flexibility of the Triskell Software platform is the foundation of Soluster capabilities to support customer managing their Strategic Planning, Project Portfolios, Project Office, Demand, Product Portfolio, CAPEX and Opex Project and much more.

Triskell Software and Soluster have established over the years a very strong relationship where Soluster became a string Triskell partner to market, sale, implement and support Triskell based solutions.

Based on the Triskell Plateform Soluster have develop out of the Box Solutions for Strategy Execution, PPM and PMO.

Share your vision – Define strategic plans and share them with the whole organization

Strategy Cascading

Triskell PPM-Factory provides all the visual tools to articulate, formalize, and share your strategic plans. Breaking down strategies into objectives goals, sub-goals and KPI’s has never been so easy before. Use balanced scorecards, master plans as well as kanbans to get your strategy plan under control and get rid of unproductive spreadsheets.

Flexible goals definition

Triskell PPM-Factory’s extreme flexibility allows you to define, plan and track your goals and metrics to capture strategy output.

Communication and Visibility

Everyone in the company – from executive management to the blue-collar worker − is involved in strategy execution. Each individual contributes to the organization’s overall performance. Successful Strategy Execution Management includes both top-down as well as bottom-up processes. Triskell PPM-Factory builds a communication channel for strategy execution, which increases engagement and input from stakeholders as they are able to take part in the planning and execution process.

Programs and Transformation Programs to Support Strategy Execution

Designing and managing programs across departments and focusing on outcomes and business process impact instead of projects as well as operational indicators are the cornerstones of strategy execution.
Success is measured by your outputs and results you deliver, not the quantity of work that you do.
Triskell allows you to map strategic goals and KPIs with projects, project initiatives, products, assets as well as operations. Accelerate and optimize strategy execution and organize portfolios to track program progress by focusing on the right KPIs, to report progress status at all organization levels.
Triskell is the only company-wide SaaS solution in the Portfolio Management market of today that offers you all the flexibility and capabilities that allows you to:

Break any business strategy down into multiple portfolios and organizations.

Dynamically prioritize, fund and staff initiatives and actions according to strategic targets, as well as available budgets and resources.

Plan work and schedule your resources in a standard or agile mode.

Control execution dynamically and progress on several axes and identify the potential gaps with the original targets.

Re-align periodically strategies and executions.

Where Strategy Meets Execution

Monitoring execution against strategies KPIs and metrics, and not against projects and execution indicators

Soluster provides Triskell based solutions to manage different Business Portfolios like Strategic Plans, Transformation Programs, Project, Product, M&A.

Support Strategy Across the whole Enterprise

Triskell has been designed to support any kind of portfolios. This allows you to break-down your strategy across all departments and business process, taking count of their specificity. This way you get a 360 view of your strategic goals status and funding and resources usage.

Support your business needs and Strategy for today and tomorrow

In the world of today organizations and challenge change quickly. Triskell allows you to adapt and extend your environment by adding and updating business objects and rules on the flight, with no coding.

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