A structured Approach and Methodology to transform
your Data into Valuable Assets.

Data Management – involve your entire team

All companies today are faced with the challenge of mastering their digital data. Whether for regulatory, GPDR, administrative & legal reasons or even more importantly to capitalize on all the company’s knowledge, it is strategic to control its information assets.

Whatever your sector of activity, public or private, we help you:

  • Analyze the status of your entire data,
  • Deploy appropriate classification and archiving methods,
  • Implement relevant IT solutions
  • Train your teams
  • Support your development


At your disposal, our consultants are at the service of your teams. They share their experiences and expertise with you to ensure the perfect success of your project.


Delivered on site and online, our training plans are adapted according to your needs. They have developed to provide you with a perfect adoption of tools and methods.


Together, we define and implement the most appropriate technical support service.


Our solutions are fully integrated with more than 40 ECMS platforms and across your entire data network

A structured method : tried and tested.

A proven and adapted methodology

After installing the solution in your IT environment, we configure the rule engine and customize it according to your own classification rules. We transfer the skills to your administrators then you can manager it according to your new rules and evolutions.

We support you in training and deploying the solution to each user.

In close contact with your administrators, we organize the functional support of your teams.

Our pragmatic and structured approach, adapted to your needs and considering all your constraints, guarantees the involvement of all stakeholder and ensures the best return on investment.

We offer you all our expertise.

A dedicated consultant will share all his experiences and support you from start to finish.

We provide:

 Innovative solutions with high added value
 Solutions fully adaptable to your evolutions
 A pragmatic and effective methodology
 Considering regulatory constraints
 Close support and a long-term relationship

How we do it:

 A strong analysis of your needs,
 A structured and shared scoping phase,
An interactive approach through dedicated workshops,
 Personalized assistance from the beginning,
 Proactive consideration of your changes request

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