Data Governance, a Strategic Challenge to
transform your Data into Valuable Assets.

Our Value Propositions

70% to 80% of your digital data are unstructured data, stored in your DMS, ECM applications or more often on directories, shared disks or storage bays.

They are not indexed.

They are disseminated in Data Lakes.

They are lost.

Automatically tag and classify, with C3

Automate indexing (creation of metadata) and automate the classification of documents according to your classification plan.

Whatever your data storage systems: shared disks, EDM, ECMS like SharePoint, Documentum, OpenText, …


Link and explore your data from multiple sources, with Mosaik4C3

Capture and extract data from multiple sources, link them together regardless of the storage environment.

Search, explore and access information via graphical representations : diagrams, networks, maps, timeline, 3D, etc …

Soluster offers you a package of tools and processes to govern information automatically, simply.




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Data Lifecycle Management

How do you manage the length of time you keep your data?

Do you respect the CEDPO’s recommendations?

Active base

Intermediate archiving, defined,

Learn how C3 allows you to define and enforce automatic data retention rules

Data Governance

Issues and Objectives are important:

Harmonization of treatment practices, classification, …

Managing information capital: knowledge

Secure data access, transactions, …

Archive: duration, dematerialize,

Comply with legal obligations

Benefits are numerous

Improve information retrieval

Remedy risks of information loss,

Increase efficiency

Sharing knowledge

Improve the quality of documents

Improve compliance with legal requirements: administrative, GDPR, …

Lower digital storage costs

Comply with ISO 15489’Records management’ standard

Discover how Mosail4C3 supports you in the implementation of your data management processes: access, security, conservation, …
And the many benefits you’ll get: regulatory compliance, productivity, access to knowledge, competitiveness, …

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