Transform unstructured data into valuable information.
Data Lake and Data Records Management.


C3 is an application that allows each user to automatically classify all the documents, all the files created, consulted.

C3 directly explains the content of the documents and files used and automatically classifies them according to the data identified in compliance with your security, conservation and access rules.

You can then easily find all the information thus classified, archived.

The C3 solution is seamlessly integrated with the MS Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook emails, and all other file types: PDF, image, … and with all ECMS like SharePoint, OpenText and over 40 other different platforms.

C3 Desktop integrates with the Microsoft Office user suite.

By means of an add-on, C3 clarifies and classifies data on any ECMS: SharePoint, Open Text Contents Server, Documentum, FileNet, IBM Connections and over 40 other shared platforms or disks.

Thanks to pre-established rules, C3 automatically labels and saves documents, emails on specified destinations.


C3 Desktop Classifier is directly accessible from Windows Explorer on the user’s workstation.

Like C3 Desktop, it automatically classifies all pdf, txt, rtf files and manually other file types, such as images, videos, audio,…

These file types are archived according to your own business rules.

The C3 Bulk Autoclassifier enables batch auto classification of documents, applying specific metadata to documents based on configured auto classification rules.

The results of the automatic classification are output to a data file.

The C3 Bulk Autoclassifier supports sessions. This allows the user to configure the mass auto classification for a set of documents and then save this configuration so that it can be loaded later. The user can use this function to postpone the execution of a job.

The C3 Bulk Autoclassifier can handle the following document formats :

Microsoft Office Documents

  • Word : doc, docx,
  • Excel : xls, xlsx
  • PowerPoint : ppt, pptx

Portable document format : pdf

Outlook Mail message : msg

Text files : txt, rtf


C3 for IBM Connections is the dedicated version of C3 for IBM’s reference collaborative platform

With C3 for IBM Connections, you get the best from IBM Connections.

You share documents, access information through your IBM Connections social business platform communities.

Having trouble finding information?

How was she appointed? In what community? What file? Is it labelled? How?

With C3 for IBM Connections, you classify and tag all information, documents, files according to the rules of your organization and your business.

C3 for IBM Connections offers you a quick and easy way to. :

– Define your filing rules: communities, folders,…..

– Add, Suggest consistent labels,

– Publish effectively,

– Find information easily,

– Share with all your teams

– …

With C3 for IBM Connections, access to information is completely simplified.

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